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We believe that the human experience goes far beyond the gym and that to truly drive performance and health one must look critically at all aspects of life – diet, stress management, exercise, and restoration.

We believe Health and Performance go hand in hand.

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Our Work Flow


The first thing we do with our athletes is establish a baseline. Using the Omegawave and PRI we can start to build a map of your body.

Train & Assess

After establishing a baseline, we then create individualized training to you and your specific objectives.

Adapt & Evolve

Now that we have data on how you react to specific training and a map of your physiology we can facilitate precise adaptations using a variety of proven methods.

TAE is proud to offer OmegaWave Monitoring. We are looking for how your body adapts and focusing on the Central Nervous, Cardiac, Metabolic, and Hormonal Systems. After analyzing this data, we are able to pivot, adjust, and validate that our course is optimal. Testing is available in variable intervals i.e. daily, weekly, bi-monthly etc.


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Latest Articles

Extensive Tempo + Moxy

In Track and Field most coaches are familiar with extensive tempo workouts. The coaching of Charlie Francis made this type of prescription very common in the training design of sprinters. As a student of Track and Field for years it has been interesting to listen to the pro’s and cons; one side citing the benefits of extensive tempo while the other side’s exposing the pitfalls. If you are a coach reading this post you may have already made your decision on which side you stand. Do this – don’t do that. Though for me personally – nothing is sacred, and training can be shades of grey rather than black and white. The only truth in training is your understanding of “why” and the positive outcome for the athlete. Is extensive tempo work for every sprinter? No. I would say for most competitive short sprinters or jumpers extensive tempo could be excluded completely and replaced by general strength circuits or extended warm ups/cool downs. As we venture into 400m distances I would say the inclusion may be more likely. I think it’s easy to say we need extensive tempo for 400m athletes so we can satisfy our need for “Energy System Development”, but let’s be honest, everything we do is energy system development. In fact, properly programmed circuit training has both cardiovascular and local muscular adaptations (capillarization and MCT – Monocarboxylate transporters – building the ability to use lactate as intermediate energy source); ultimately Satisfying both delivery and utilization. So the logical question is why not use circuit training exclusively then? For the 400m athletes I would prescribe extensive tempo over... read more

What Pisses Me Off!?

What pisses me off about nutrition is an over reliance on equations and numbers (and macros)? For instance, we have the Mifflin St. Jeor and the Harris Benedict equation, WHO standards, or calculating caloric intake off lean body mass. There are a lot of ways to calculate how many calories you need to eat to supposedly stay where you are or lose/gain weight. You will need to calculate tons of fun acronyms in the process: RER, FFM, TEF, BMR, etc. You know – Math. Yet, the very first problem is that these equations are just estimations, very rough estimations. It will depend on the paper you read, but in a recent review of 29 of these equations by AJCN the best are a little more than 20% off at estimating Resting Energy Expenditure. Then you get into what the body does in response to certain foods, exercise, the validity of the gold standard used, and the snowball grows. Peter Attia M.D., perhaps one of the smartest men on the planet put himself in a whole room calorimeter (the only real gold standard) to see how good these equations were at calculating his energy needs when he was doing his exercises, reading his books, and just chilling in the dark. The equations were about 40% off! Peter works out and although he may be an outlier, it at least raises the ideology that the wrench in the equation game may be much bigger for those of us who train at higher levels. This may also be one of the reasons Dr. Attia puts much more weight into food quality than... read more

Lady Men or Man Ladies – What’s The Deal?

Sometimes my inspiration to write comes from very odd places, for instance the above bathroom sign. A visionary savings of your tax dollars at work on the UT campus or a sneaky joke at the reversal of gender roles and omnipresent endocrine disruption? I will give these bathroom workers the benefit of the doubt in that this wasn’t meant as a crude joke to women with Metabolic Syndrome and/or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. The fact is that even these at risk women might not know that these type of diseases or conditions generally push them to a more masculinized state. Whereas, in men, increased abdominal fat will feminize us. So you can see at a very basic level, as both sexes age in our current environment, there is the reversal of gender roles and hormonal profiles. Why? Well unfortunately, our hormones naturally decrease with age (although some argue that the stark severity and harshness of this decline in both men and women only takes place in western societies). Regardless of your romanticism of the past, we are animals, and our utility will begin to diminish as we lose our ability to reproduce. Combine this decline with an onslaught of environmental xenoestrogens (which won’t be picked up in bloodwork), horrendous amounts of pesticides and pollutants, a never ending stream of stress, and a general lack of sleep and play, and our ability to gracefully age is severely compromised. Think about it. How many men get docile as they age? They get a baby or not so baby gut and are bossed around by their wives. They drink beer and talk... read more

Hey You! Put Down The Trail Mix.

Over the past decade I have looked at thousands upon thousands of dietary recalls or diaries and I can count the number of goody two shoes humans who have eaten enough vegetables on one hand. Davis and I are always looking for the simple side of complexity and to me after we get the dietary wheels on the car, it all comes down to snacking. To give props where they are due, after some tug of rope, my clients generally do a very good job with their main meals. A plate of organic meat, veggies, quality fat, and depending on their activity and goals a clean carb source (individualized to them). The biggest eff ups happen either at breakfast or in-between meals. Why? Because this is when we culturally lose our marbles. Donuts and coffee. Fistfuls of jelly beans. Melted candy bars hidden under car seats. Dr. Pepper and hot Cheeto fingers. I have seen it all.   Now do I think that trail mix is a step up from the aforementioned atrocities? Well, yes, but honestly not much. Much like high school, I want the vast majority of the eating occasions that my clients consume to be positive influences. Nuts may have some quality fats, but they honestly aren’t that high quality (walnuts are the qualitiest), and people tend to forget that calories do matter and these bad boys a dense. Also, nuts that aren’t properly prepared have more phytates than grains and nuts are very common allergens. Mix all this with M&Ms and I am just not sold. Yet, the biggest reason I am not a fan... read more

Talk Nerdy To Me – Vol 2 – A Bird’s Eye View

This month’s Talk Nerdy To Me pans out at the systems that we commonly need to optimize in order to perform at our highest level. Keep in mind that many of the items discussed could be Talk Nerdy To Me vids in and of themselves. However, this video is meant to provide you with a bird’s eye view of how we support our athletes with much more than just exercise.... read more

Athlete Story: Parasite Pete – An Unwanted Friend

His name is Pete. I met Pete back in 2005. Or it might have been the late 90’s. Hard to remember back that far…college was a bit of a blur. He’s one of those types that comes in and out of your life, usually showing up when you least expect it. Sometimes he outlasts his welcome. Other times, it’s a quick pop in visit. And just like that, he is gone. You see, Pete is the loving name I have given to my parasite. Makes it more personal. Some clinical types probably would call it visualization. Just my morbid sense of humor I suppose. Whatever. For years (see above) I have dealt with the symptoms, and they have been plentiful: GERD, food sensitivities, weight gain, inflammation, poor sleep, night sweats, unexplained dizziness, adrenal fatigue, and the list could go on. I saw doctors, had annual physicals, saw specialists, had GI tract studies, took pills and powders, tried elimination diets and again you get the point. The Obstacle: A medical community wanting to treat/mask the symptoms without addressing the underlying problems or physiological chains. I am such a rebel for wanting answers, not pills. Then I met Aaron Davis and Ben House with Train Adapt Evolve. We started off pretty slow, addressing some of my structural and movement related issues. But it was 6-8 months ago we started getting serious about my health and well-being. Not much point in fixing the structure if the foundation is cracked. During this time, Pete was laying back, waiting for the best time to say hello. So we looked at other systems first. So... read more

Latest Workouts

Tuesday 11.10.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 6×3@70-75% w/ 2 min rest B. WTD Dips 6×1@heavy w/ 2 min rest 4 Rounds 15 C2B 15 Back Squats M205, W155 15 Push Press M155, W105 Rest 90 secs 10 min Cool down

Monday 11.9.15

10 min EMOM 1: 5 Burpee Box Jumps + 20 DU right into 1-10-1 American KB breathing Ladder *1 swing 1 breathe 2 swings 2 breaths… *place the KB on the ground then breathe 10 min Aerobic 130-150HR

Saturday 11.6.15

Warm up B A. BB Bent Over Row 3×5@Heavy w/ 2 min rest B. 5 Rounds 15 Cal Airdyne@100% or 150m Sprint 8 Clean to Thruster M205#, W135# Rest 4 mins 10 min Aerobic Cooldown

Friday 11.5.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 8×1@work up to a heavy w/ 2 min rest B. Jerk 8×1@work up to a heavy w/ 90 sec rest C. 6 Rounds 250m Row 10 Dips 50 DU Rest 1 min

Wednesday 11.4.15

Warm up C A1.Clean liftoffs 4×3@100-110% w/ 1 min rest A2. Clean 4×2@65-75% w/ 2 min rest B. 5 Rounds For Time: 30m HS Walks 50 DU 5/5 Pistols 5 MU 50 DU 10 min Aerobic Cooldown

Tuesday 11.3.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 8×1@70-75% w/ 2 min rest B. Back Squat 1-3-5@by feel w/ 2 min rest C. WTD Dips 1-3-5@by Feel 6 Rounds 200m Run @75% 10 C2B 15 KB Swings Rest/Walk 2 mins