Tuesday 11.10.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 6x3@70-75% w/ 2 min rest B. WTD Dips 6x1@heavy w/ 2 min rest 4 Rounds 15 C2B 15 Back Squats M205, W155 15 Push Press M155, W105 Rest 90 secs 10 min Cool down

Monday 11.9.15

10 min EMOM 1: 5 Burpee Box Jumps + 20 DU right into 1-10-1 American KB breathing Ladder *1 swing 1 breathe 2 swings 2 breaths… *place the KB on the ground then breathe 10 min Aerobic 130-150HR

Saturday 11.6.15

Warm up B A. BB Bent Over Row 3×5@Heavy w/ 2 min rest B. 5 Rounds 15 Cal Airdyne@100% or 150m Sprint 8 Clean to Thruster M205#, W135# Rest 4 mins 10 min Aerobic Cooldown

Friday 11.5.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 8x1@work up to a heavy w/ 2 min rest B. Jerk 8×1@work up to a heavy w/ 90 sec rest C. 6 Rounds 250m Row 10 Dips 50 DU Rest 1 min

Wednesday 11.4.15

Warm up C A1.Clean liftoffs 4×3@100-110% w/ 1 min rest A2. Clean 4x2@65-75% w/ 2 min rest B. 5 Rounds For Time: 30m HS Walks 50 DU 5/5 Pistols 5 MU 50 DU 10 min Aerobic Cooldown

Tuesday 11.3.15

Warm up B A. Power Snatch 8×1@70-75% w/ 2 min rest B. Back Squat 1-3-5@by feel w/ 2 min rest C. WTD Dips 1-3-5@by Feel 6 Rounds 200m Run @75% 10 C2B 15 KB Swings Rest/Walk 2 mins



Week 4

Sleep. Eat. Enjoy Life. If you are going to try some low carb or lean down protocol - this is the week.

Week 2

Heavier than last week. Cleaner than last week. Faster than last week. More focus than last week. More sleep than last week. More food than last week. More fun than last week.