I once was asked “Can you really build a Healthy CrossFit Athlete?”

I mention this not because it’s difficult question to answer, but how disheartening it was to hear — the question is an acknowledgement of a problem. Now this is not a shot at CrossFit, these days you can interchange the word CrossFit with any other name in sports. It’s all the same problem stemming from a lack of education and awareness from the coaches – Regardless of the sport.

I can see the frustration from the enlightened few coaches who are really trying to dig deep — searching for the truth. These coaches spend a lot of time and a butt load of money on their education — certs, seminars, and conferences — always looking for answers.

Maybe I have my nose in too many books but what certification is really talking about biological systems and the combination of morphological and physiological adaptation?

As far as I can tell it’s all the same — a little bit of….


and we can’t forget about this…


Some dress it up by showing off their genetic freaks while others try to build in a perfect assessment protocol. All trying to add value to the same information being sold.

This is why writing about fitness and health on the internet is redundant. The same stories being told by different voices — some witty, some matter of fact, some copy and paste.

“If you can’t say something interesting don’t say anything at all.” — These are words I am trying to live by.

As a mentor of mine once warned me “I don’t want you to sell your soul to the internet” and he is right for saying so, because there is always someone with a cooler website, steeper marketing budget, knows the right people, or just plain talks louder and more often.

I know this because Train Adapt Evolve has been accused of the same but I can honestly say — like the “enlightened few” — we are searching for the truth.

We are 4 weeks away from our seminar Optimizing Athleticism: The Health and Performance Solution and now I am getting questions of another kind, like…

“What material are you presenting?”

Simply, all the stuff I wish I was taught early on: biological systems and the combination of morphological and physiological adaptation.

No more telling the same stories.

I won’t guarantee you will be rolling in your seats but I can guarantee that the information I will discuss you will see in action. We will have a weekend of exploring the use of not only the Omegawave technology but also Moxy Muscle Oxygenation Monitors.

The impromptu tests that can be created having a Woodway Treadmill, Jacobs Ladder, Rowers, Airdynes and all the strength equipment at our disposal combined with the different perspectives from the therapy, nutrition, and strength and conditioning fields will make for a unique learning environment.

One that I am proud to be a part of.


By: Aaron Davis