Extensive Tempo + Moxy

Extensive Tempo + Moxy

In Track and Field most coaches are familiar with extensive tempo workouts. The coaching of Charlie Francis made this type of prescription very common in the training design of sprinters. As a student of Track and Field for years it has been interesting to listen to the pro’s and cons; one side citing the benefits of extensive tempo while the other side’s exposing the pitfalls. If you are a coach reading this post you may have already made your decision on which side you stand. read more
What Pisses Me Off!?

What Pisses Me Off!?

What pisses me off about nutrition is an over reliance on equations and numbers (and macros)? For instance, we have the Mifflin St. Jeor and the Harris Benedict equation, WHO standards, or calculating caloric intake off lean body mass. There are a lot of ways to calculate how many calories you need to eat to supposedly stay where you are or lose/gain weight. You will need to calculate tons of fun acronyms in the process: RER, FFM, TEF, BMR, etc. You know - Math. Yet, the very first problem is that these equations are just estimations, very rough estimations. It will depend on the paper you read, but in a recent review of 29 of these equations by AJCN the best are a little more than 20% off at estimating Resting Energy Expenditure. Then you get into what the body does in response to certain foods, exercise, the validity of the gold standard used, and the snowball grows. read more

Hey You! Put Down The Trail Mix.

Over the past decade I have looked at thousands upon thousands of dietary recalls or diaries and I can count the number of goody two shoes humans who have eaten enough vegetables on one hand. Davis and I are always looking for the simple side of complexity and to me after we get the dietary wheels on the car, it all comes down to snacking. read more

Talk Nerdy To Me – Vol 2 – A Bird’s Eye View

This month’s Talk Nerdy To Me pans out at the systems that we commonly need to optimize in order to perform at our highest level. Keep in mind that many of the items discussed could be Talk Nerdy To Me vids in and of themselves. However, this video is meant to provide you with a bird’s eye view of how we support our athletes with much more than just exercise. read more
Athlete Story:  Parasite Pete – An Unwanted Friend

Athlete Story: Parasite Pete – An Unwanted Friend

His name is Pete. I met Pete back in 2005. Or it might have been the late 90’s. Hard to remember back that far…college was a bit of a blur. He’s one of those types that comes in and out of your life, usually showing up when you least expect it. Sometimes he outlasts his welcome. Other times, it’s a quick pop in visit. And just like that, he is gone. You see, Pete is the loving name I have given to my parasite. Makes it more personal. Some clinical types probably would call it visualization. Just my morbid sense of humor I suppose. Whatever. read more

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 A late night and tough morning - well worth the circadian disruption. Thank you @orionhones @kyler.allison for your help! #backonThatsocialgame  Rant: I don't understand how massage therapist don't test and rest movement. If you are a therapist working on athletes and don't - get with it. "General" massage won't work 100% of the time. You are wasting the athlete's time and money. ...and end rant. #evolve #track #strengthandconditioning #strength #performance #performancetherapy  Big congrats to Train Adapt Evolve's owner and founder @davisxctf for putting a ring on one of the coolest chicks around @skmunk Strong Move! Photo by @katbevel  100 Burpees and 300 DUs all done as fast as possible on todays programming. Its not about slaving away. Its about accumulating quality reps and having a purpose behind your programming. #strengthandconditioning #strength #movement #move3d #fitspo #instafit #fitspiration #crossfit #trainadaptevolve #fitfam #comeandtakeit  An Outside Perspective - MMA When we first started Train Adapt Evolve we did everything for free. It was a stellar business model. We started by giving out Omegawave mobile monitors to friends or athletes curious about the technology for free. I will admit, this was also for selfish reasons. I wanted to collect data, watch, and learn. This has now evolved into us putting athletes on our mobile platform and consulting with coaches and/or athletes. Recently we had an opportunity to consult with a UFC fighter and his coach preparing for an upcoming fight. The daily Omegawave results were not uncommon from what we have seen in the past which include former UFC champions. Chaos. As both Ben and I learn more from coaches or nutritionists in the MMA scene, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: It is chaos. The 1% of the 1% I often hear S&C coaches talking about making their fighters tougher. This blows my mind! If you are a MMA Fighter – you are tough. If you fight for the UFC you are the 1% of the 1% of the toughest dudes on the planet. Congrats. I hope that is nothing knew to you. So why in the hell do you think battle ropes and MB slams are going to make you tougher? Maybe I should ask the S&C coach that question. Why is making the athlete tougher the objective? If this was the case, we could go down to the local box gym, pick out a few guys who are burpee’n their faces off at the moment and throw them in the cage. That toughness won’t last long. #mma #crossfit #sportsperformance #strengthandconditioning